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How to Survive Being Robbed Abroad

Be alert when traveling abroad to avoid being robbed


Travelers take many risks when visiting a foreign country. Anxieties are already high when it comes to worrying about foreign diseases, expenses and jet lag. But the number one fear of any traveler- whether they are flashpackers, backpackers or just on vacation is being robbed.


Being a victim of a crime is a huge travel woe. It can happen anywhere- a first world or a third world country. Rather than leaving all of your expensive items behind, or throwing a tantrum after being robbed, anyone can take use these tips to good use.


Don’t panic: The crime has been committed already so there is no reason to cry over spilled milk. Don’t let this horrible experience ruin your experience abroad. You’ll be inclined to pack your bags and head home but that won’t bring your items back. This happens to all travelers, whether they have traveled once or a dozen times. It’s expected that at least once in any traveler’s life that something will be stolen, or at least lost .Cry for an hour and take a deep breath for the next step.


Write down details of the crime: Since it just happened, all of the details will be fresh in your mind. Were you on a bus? Write down the bus number, bus route, time of bus taken and other vital details. Perhaps speak with witnesses who might have information as well. Write down what has been stolen and any personal detail to describe the item. Maybe your cell phone was customized with pink jewels. It will be important later on to recall these details in order to take the right measures in reporting your crime.


Report the crime immediately: Whether it was just your iPod stolen or your entire bag, you’ll want to report the crime. Do this not only for insurance reasons but just in case it might turn up. This could be difficult in a foreign country. Take a deep breath and find the Touristic Police. They are the most helpful in tourist crimes. You’ll make a police report which you’ll be entitled a copy of. Make sure all the details are truthful and as detailed as possible.


Report the crime back home: Depending on what was stolen will determine if you report the crime at home. If you have insurance, they might help cover loss expenses. For instance, if you lose your license abroad, you’ll need to report this to the Police in your hometown to be issued a free replacement. Always remember to keep original copies of your documents.


Prepare for next time: It’s impossible to avoid being robbed abroad once again. Taking extra precautionary measures when you’re scarred from losing your precious items is extremely helpful. Especially if you’re in a third world country, invest in proper bag locks. Never flash expensive items such as laptops, iPods, or electronic devices. You might think it’s safe to do so in a hostel where everyone has one, but you might even be robbed by a hostel mate! Keep aware of your surroundings and listen to your intuition if you feel unsafe in a dangerous area. Better safe than sorry, right?


Have you ever been robbed abroad? What did you do?



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