If you’re ready to put the winter cold behind you and enjoy some warmer, sunnier days, taking a trip can be the perfect solution. You can visit many places in the world where warmer temperatures are the norm during the spring and summer seasons, but you’ll also want to take certain precautions to avoid overheating. Whether you’re in the process of traveling by plane or taking a walking tour of your chosen destination, there may be times during your trip when temperatures become uncomfortably hot, and learning how to stay cool while traveling can save you from the dangerous effects of excessive heat. Check out these 10 tips and you’ll be on your way to cooler days:

Take an Empty Stainless Steel Water Flask to the Airport

How to stay cool while traveling by bringing water to airport

You’ll be asked to chuck your bottles of Evian and Fiji before you go through security, but make sure you bring an empty water thermos or flask (like Kleen Kanteen) with you everywhere, since you can save money by refilling it periodically in all the water fountains. Try to find one that’s made with food-grade stainless steel and is also free of BPA, lead phthalates, and toxins. Either way, make sure you invest in a good water bottle well before your late summer or Memorial Day travel when it’s bound to be extra hot out.

Bring a Foldable Fan

How to stay cool while traveling by using a face fan

In most airports, air conditioning is not an issue, but you won’t want to take chances — especially if you have a long haul ahead of you. It’s best to pack a foldable fan or an electric fan (depending on your preference). Imagine being stuck in an airport where you just don’t feel the AC like you’re supposed to!

Pack Light, Wear Light

How to stay cool while traveling by dressing in light clothes

This may sound intuitive, but wear clothes made from summer-friendly fabrics like cotton and linen, and remember to pack light. But, bringing a light sweater or jacket with you is a good idea too because sometimes the temperature in the summer can be too cold indoors, thanks to the heavily used AC.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

How to stay cool while traveling by wearing comfortable shoes

Your shoes should either be walking shoes or those made from breathable material that dries well in case of stickiness or too much humidity. There are several lightweight and water-friendly shoes available on the market that dry easily and are dual-purpose, from Lands’ End’s Water Shoes to Geox’s breathable fabric.

Eat Light

How to stay cool while traveling by eating light

One of the biggest mistakes people can make during summer airport travel is eating heavy meals, especially during the day and the afternoons. If you can, stick to light salads and balanced meals because greasy, heavy foods –especially with rising temperatures and humidity levels—can make you feel very ill. Travel safely and smartly during the warmer months.

Plan Around the Heat

how to stay cool while traveling by planning smartly

Checking the extended temperature forecast for your travel destination will give you a better idea of what to expect and help you come up with better ideas of how to stay cool while traveling. The hottest time of day is usually in the late afternoon between 3:00 and 4:00 pm, but you should do some additional research to learn when the hottest times of day are in that particular location so that you can plan accordingly. If temperatures are expected to be extremely hot, you should plan your outdoor activities for the mornings and evenings and reserve afternoons for indoor sightseeing.

Make Sure Your Hotel Has AC Before You Book

Staying in a hotel can be a miserable experience if your room doesn’t have air conditioning. You might think that AC is standard in all hotel rooms, but this isn’t always the case. In some international locations, you have to specifically request a hotel room with AC if you want to be sure that your room will be equipped with this important feature. Some hotel descriptions may specify that their rooms are equipped with fans, but these fans won’t likely be able to supply the cooling power that you’ll need to lower the temperature inside your room to a safe and comfortable level.

Take Siestas…While Eating Ice Cream

How to stay cool while traveling by eating ice cream

Siesta is a Spanish word meaning “nap,” and taking some time out of your sightseeing schedule to rest during the hottest times of day can help you stay cool. The AC in your hotel room can be turned on high while you’re resting to keep the cool air flowing and help you rest easier. When you’re not snoozing but still want to lounge in your room, you can snack on some ice cream or ice cream sandwiches to keep cool.

Know Your Body

How to stay cool while traveling by knowing your body

It’s important to listen to your body to know when it’s overheating. In addition to heavy sweating, you may be overheating and experiencing dehydration if your skin starts developing unusual tingling sensations or you experience headaches, nausea, or fatigue. If your urine is darker instead of a clear or light-yellow color, you are likely dehydrated from the heat and should drink a noncaffeinated and nonalcoholic beverage as soon as possible. You should also know the signs of heatstroke so that you can seek prompt medical attention if necessary.

Visit Churches

Churches and other places of worship usually have excellent AC systems to keep tourists and worshippers comfortable. The windows on many churches are also tinted to block out many of the harsh effects of sunlight and keep the insides of their buildings from overheating. In addition to staying cool, you may get the chance to learn more about the local history and past church members who helped shape the community, which will enhance your travel experience even further.

What other methods do you use to stay cool while traveling? Let us know in the comments below!

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