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A Rainy Day in Dallas


It’s raining, it’s pouring, is the old man snoring in Dallas? Rainy days on vacation can ruin plans that involve the great outdoors, especially in a city like Dallas that can have nice summer temperatures. Yet, rain is also a threat in the Dallas area, but doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a rainy day in Dallas.

Fair Park, Dallas

What exactly is Fair Park? It is a wonderland of activities all in one place, rain or shine. In the heart of Texas is a historic landmark filled with various attractions for kids, families and anyone who may be sightseeing in Dallas. Enjoy an indoor exploration of the Museum of Nature and Science, featuring an IMAX Theatre. Take the kids to the Children’s Aquarium to see what it’s like to live under the sea, from sharks to turtles and even piranhas. On a clear day, you can take full advantage of the amusement park and gardens.

Galeria Dallas

Besides being a great place to shop for souvenirs, or just yourself, the Galleria Dallas can be a fun way to enjoy a rainy day in Dallas. While kids would rather not spend a day shopping, they will love the idea of a mall with an Ice Rink and Playplace. The centerpiece of the mall is the Ice Skating Center that allows people of all ages to get on the rink and skate. Children can also run wild in the play area with a unique playground and if you’re lucky, you may catch a special Magician show.

Half-Price Books Records Magazines

There’s nothing like curling up with a good book on a rainy afternoon. You can also curl up with tons of books after spending the day at Half-Price Books Records Magazines. Not only can you find cheap reads, but CDs and DVDs. You can find classic books in great condition for $1! Get lost for hours in this maze of a store and find yourself even spending your sunny days here.

300 Dallas

Featured all over popular American cities, the 300 franchise has also taken Dallas by storm. Get your bowling shoes on and get ready to own the lanes! Rainy day or not, bowling at 300 Dallas is a great first date, family fun activity or even a night out with good friends. It’s a nightclub meets restaurant meets bowling alley with its funky ambiance. And if you didn’t feel cool enough, you get your own waiter to serve on you!  Look out for unlimited late night bowling events where you can truly make a great night out of what would have been watching Friends reruns on television on a rainy night in Dallas.

Magnolia Theatre

Named the best theatre in Dallas, The Magnolia Theatre is a highly acclaimed designed theatre that takes the movie experience up a notch. It’s your grown up kind of movie theatre that makes it more like a sophisticated night out on the town. Enjoy the luxuries of an upscale restaurant and bar before catching the flick of your choice. Catch a photograph of the exterior, which takes you back to what Old Dallas might have looked like in the Roaring 20s, with its eccentric art deco logo.

Follow these tips and you’ll always have fun whenever you’ve got flights to Dallas!

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