Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, we’re dreaming of a weekend getaway to Ireland. From traditional Irish cuisine to Dublin nightlife, here are our suggestions for how to spend 72 hours on The Emerald Isle.

littleny / Shutterstock

littleny / Shutterstock

Start your day with a traditional Irish breakfast. If you wake up hungry, the Irish have got you covered. The traditional Irish breakfast is loaded with meat. Tear into a plate of bacon rashers (thin slices), pork sausages, fried eggs, black and white pudding (various types of ground meat, fat, bread and suet shaped into paddies), fried tomato, potato bread and jam, and tea to drink. Eat up—you’ll need energy to explore, after all!

Tour the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. Learn everything you want to know about this iconic Irish beer while touring the brewery and participating in tastings and mini-classes. When you’re done, grab a pint and enjoy the view from the rooftop bar. You can save yourself some time waiting in line by purchasing tickets online.

Andrei Nekrassov / Shutterstock

Andrei Nekrassov / Shutterstock

Kiss the Blarney Stone. Travel to Blarney Castle (about 8 kilometers from Cork) to kiss the famous Blarney Stone (a block of carboniferous limestone that’s actually built into the castle). According to local lore, kissing the stone will instantly make you more eloquent (and who couldn’t use that?!). Early kissers were required to be held by the ankles and lowered head first in order to smooch the stone. If that sounds as terrifying to you as it does to me, don’t worry. Now visitors only have to lean backwards while holding on to an iron railing.

Hike along Wicklow Way. Like something out of a movie, Wicklow Way is a 129-kilometer trail that traverses the incredibly scenic Wicklow Mountains. The trail starts in Marlay Park (a southern suburb of of Dublin) through County Wicklow and ends in the village of Clonegal. The stunning scenery includes granite ridges and valleys, lakes, and wooded foothills. Along the way, you’ll encounter Glendalough, an ancient monastic site founded by St. Kevin in the 6th century. Stroll through the historic ruins as you learn about the fascinating history of this area.

Burben / Shutterstock

Burben / Shutterstock

Visit the National Museum of Ireland. Comprised of four locations (three in Dublin and one in Mayo), the National Museum of Ireland provides a comprehensive look at Irish culture, archaeology, decorative arts, and natural history. A new exhibition, “Proclaiming the Republic: The 1916 Uprising” just opened that combines objects, words and imagery to share the stories of civilians, combatants, and survivors of this historic event. To help you plan your visit, the museum’s website gives an overview of each of the four locations.

Go out for live music in Dublin. Ireland’s capital city has no shortage of live music venues. When the sun goes down, head to one of Dublin’s premier music clubs like The Button Factory, The Grand Social, or The Workman’s Club to take in their eclectic offerings. Sip whiskey and rub elbows with the locals while enjoying Dublin’s nightlife.

How would you spend a weekend in Ireland? Let us know in the comments section!


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