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It’s the third biggest city in Texas and the ninth largest in the United States, it is no wonder why the slogan of Dallas is “Live Large, Think Big.” It’s one of the latest destinations to catch a traveler’s eye with its modern sophistication mixed with old fashion Texas charm. If you’re traveling via a layover, since Dallas is a big connect, or simply short on time, 24 hours in Dallas is a great way to get a taste of the city.

Sixth Floor Museum: There’s no excuse to not visiting the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas. It is dedicated to preserving and providing information about the 1963 shooting of former President John F. Kennedy. The museum gets its name from the location of where the sniper gun was found, on the sixth floor of a School building. The museum emulates what happened that day and to show the exact spot where assassin Lee Harvey Oswald stood and made that fateful shot.

Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens: When the weather is nice in Dallas, it’s meant to be spent outdoors. Get your dose of Vitamin D and positive energy at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, a Dallas Landmark and historical place. It is a Spanish styled garden dating back to the early 20th century that was once part of a large estate. Now, it is one of Dallas’ largest green spaces and used for outdoor concerts and performances. Enjoy the scenery of blossoming flowers, lilies in the lake and nature at its best.

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Reunion Tower: Looking for a bird’s eye view of Dallas? Feel on top of the world at Reunion Tower, one of Dallas’ most unique landmarks. It is actually part of the Hyatt Regency Hotel Complex, but is known for its free standing structure and lookout tower. What was once a radio station is now used as a tourist attraction; it is also home to revolving restaurant and a club. The geometric dome is most fascinating at night, when it lights up and is often corresponding with special events, like green for St. Patrick’s Day. But it will always be recognized as the place to get phenomenal panoramic shots of the Dallas Skyline.

Mesa: One factor that is making Dallas a popular U.S. destination is its gastronomical attention to fine cuisine. Everyone knows you can find great Mexican food in Texas, with its proximity to the country. But, Mesa takes it a step further by offering traditional homemade style Mexican food. They were named restaurant of the year and for a good reason. Every item is handmade, from the teas to the tortillas that are not store bought. This ongoing trend of enjoying traditional Mexican food makes it worth going to Dallas just for this reason.

Lee Harveys: If you’re wondering why the name “Lee Harvey” sounds familiar to you, it should absolutely ring a bell. Lee Harvey is significant to historical Dallas, and the infamous event that changed American history. This bar has been operating for half a century with locals that recommend this is the one place to feel truly Texan. Look out for their nostalgic beer signs and rustic feeling, homage to Americana at heart. And what exactly do Texans drink? Anything from a Shiner Beer to Homemade Vodka
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