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Congratulations! Getting married is a wonderful occasion and mixing it with travel makes it even more fun-filled. Whether you’re both avid travelers or are just considering a unique wedding style, planning a wedding abroad can be overwhelming. Besides figuring out the location- a tropical beach-side wedding or a picturesque ceremony in an old European capital, there are a lot more important details to consider.
Keep it small: If you have big families, it doesn’t mean you have to cross out the idea of an international wedding. Unless you have the money to expect hundreds of your family members, save yourself the stress and consider a smaller occasion. You may anticipate those who may not be able to get abroad due to circumstances. Invite your closest family and friends and consider a small ceremony in your hometown to satisfy both parties.
Consider a Wedding moon: A wedding moon is a lot more than a cute play on the word wedding and honeymoon; it could be your key to marital bliss. Combining the location of the wedding and the honeymoon is a match made in heaven. (Other than you two of course.) Some resorts have a free wedding ceremony where the hotel takes care of all wedding plans, giving you the time to focus on each other. How nice is it to just sit back and relax and enjoy the actual wedding and honeymoon without stressing over so many fine details?
Research local customs: This is especially important if you’re getting married in a foreign land with many different customs. For instance, did you know to be married in The Netherlands, at least one party must be of Dutch nationality? Be aware of local and legal customs by contacting the foreign embassy. These procedures can be lengthy, so this should be one of your first steps before planning a wedding abroad. A nice thing to do is to incorporate local customs; let’s say this foreign place was somewhere you two met. Throw in some local culture, for instance, serving Ceviche as a dish if you met and will marry in Peru.

Get wedding insurance: We don’t like to think of the worst case scenario, but it is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to anything travel related. There is personal insurance, travel insurance, but you should invest in wedding insurance. This can protect against unique dismays such as problems with wedding photographs, attire or wedding documents.
Research group bookings: Everyone loves to save money somewhere especially for such a grand expense like a wedding. Since you have a wedding party, find out about group bookings for various details. You can save money with cheap flights, hotel stays and even wedding activities. The bride and groom will be happy and so will your guests with savings on such a costly affair that will hopefully be the most wonderful day of your life.
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