Following these tips could make your next trip to baggage claim less stressful (Flickr: lopnor)
These tips could make your next trip to baggage claim less stressful


How many times have you found yourself struggling to find your luggage at the airport? Everyone seems to own the familiar suitcase; which comes in a variety of sizes from small black bag to large black bag. Whether you’re looking to save time at Arrival’s or just looking for a way to spruce up your boring vacation bag, you don’t need to be an artist to give your bag some much needed pizzazz.


Make a fun luggage tag: Rather than using a simple luggage tag from Bob’s Plumbing, why not design your own luggage tag that represents you? Department stores such as Target sell customizable luggage tags; premade with a self adhesive to insert a custom design. If you’re Photoshop savvy, design a printable template to fill in your personal information. A simpler way is to use your business card to laminate; having all your important contact information. Perhaps even have a photograph of yourself on it to make sure no one else can claim
your bag.


Tie a ribbon: Not very artsy-fartsy or particularly fond of using your business card as a luggage tag? The simplest way for travelers to identify their bag is with a ribbon tied on the handle. Use bright colors such as red, pink or yellow. Since it is a simple trick, you might want to be creative about its placement; others might use the same colors. Perhaps create a design of ribbons as a code to know it is your bag. (Yellow Ribbon, Orange Ribbon and Yellow Ribbon)


Buy a bright colored bag: You might be an avid traveler and might not have time to make your luggage stand out. If you’re not concerned about having a professional piece of luggage, why not invest in a colorful bag? Impressive designs on a suitcase will easily make all other black bags jealous. Some may have bright pink colors to females, while some might have fun Hawaiian print for children. Sky is the limit with the amount of designs for modern bags; just make sure to shop around.


Design your own luggage: Creative, right brain sided individuals may opt to use their artistic skills to personally design a truly unique suitcase. Use your already basic (boring) black suitcase as a base to literally splash some color. Using spray paints or acrylic paint, get crafty and create your own designs. Some easy designs are stripes, polka dots or simply splashing colors for an aboriginal effect. If you’re concerned about traveling in the rain and the paint coming right off, make sure to buy glossy sealer to lock in your fresh design.


Wrap a luggage strap around your bag: Have you ever seen what looks like a belt over someone’s luggage? It is actually a luggage strap; designed not only to recognize your bag, but to hold an extra guard on your personal belongings. These once boring straps now come in many colors and designs; serving twice the purpose for your suitcase.


Flickr: lopnor

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