How to Keep Cool This SUmmer in New York City. Photo credit: muckster
Summer has made its lasting presence in New York City, with sweltering temperatures that almost make you miss winter. Don’t burn out in these heat wave days when there is so much you can do to keep cool. If you’ve never been to New York City, we think you should book a cheap ticket immediately, because there is nothing like a true NYC summer that is worth bragging about.

City Beaches
After the devastating events of Hurricane Sandy, a lot of the city and suburban beaches in the tri-state area were destroyed. Luckily, a quick and enormous effort was made to revitalize most of the shoreline before the summer season. With 14 miles of sun and sand, these free beaches offer excellent opportunities to get a wicked tan this summer, and to get a fresh dip in the water. Note that beaches are only open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day and only between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. These city beaches are easy to get to via public transportation. We recommend Coney Island if you're looking for an all-around beach for everyone and South Beach (Staten Island) for some nice r&r away from the crowds.

Be a Kid and Enjoy a Sprinkler
Lets face it: sometimes, being a grown up sucks! Channel your inner child and run free through a sprinkler! A majority of the city parks have sprinkler systems in playgrounds that allow you to get a quick cool down. The best looking sprinkler is the Ancient Playground in Central Park. This Egyptian inspired playground reminds us of how hot the desert can be (These NYC temperatures sure feel like it!) and how easy it is to cool down. Just expect a few laughs if you're running in a sprinkler without a child, but who cares, we've seen stranger things in NYC!

Our Top City Pool: Astoria Park
Also owned by the city are the local pools providing extremely cool relief in these dog days of summer. These free aquatic splendors are all over the city located in every borough. Our favorite is the Olympic sized pool at Astoria Park. Not only is this area far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but the park itself is excellent for outdoor activities. After some much needed cool down town, stay for the sunset for a gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline.

Window Shop in Cool Stores
Another budget friendly way to keep cool is to window shop. (You can also shop if you like!) New York City is filled with tons of shops, department stores and boutiques to enjoy. They say you can make a day exploring the stores where you can possibly shop till you drop, or just make it your excuse to keep cool with awesome air conditioning. Our favorite spot is the giant East River Plaza located in Spanish Harlem; where anyone can spend hours in Target, Marshall’s and Old Navy, all supplied with excellent air conditioning.

Get Ice Cold at an Ice Bar
Dare you say it- you actually miss winter with all these hot temperatures! Have no fear, the Minus 5 Ice Bar is here to bring you frigid temperatures! That's right, NYC now has its first ice bar in the NY Hilton Midtown. For $20, you'll get Eskimo gloves, a parka and admission into this 23 degree Fahrenheit (Minus 5 Celsius) bar. The entire bar is made of ice from the seats, to the bar itself. It literally is the coolest bar in NYC.
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Photo credit: muckster 

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