So you’ve missed your flight already — that sucks. But there’s perhaps nothing worse than the panicky feeling that comes next: What do I do now? Though some people’s answers to that are different than what ours would be…

… We still have some advice for people who aren’t quite willing to run onto tarmacs to catch your important flight. Read on for our most important dos and don’ts while dealing with the stressful situation of missing your flight.

Don’t… Bypass airport security to make your flight

That’ll just make people angrier and less likely to want to help you.

Do… Contact your airline on the way to the airport

They’ll want to help you out, we promise.

Don’t… Be rude

As a wise person once said, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Flies hopefully being a free rescheduled flight.

Do… Be as nice as possible

Remember, all airline employees are just people who want to have inflight fashion shows.

Don’t… Assume your airline won’t help you

“Customer service is next to godliness,” -Someone smart.

Do… Ask for what you want

The worst they can say is No.

Don’t… Spend hours wallowing in anger

C’mon, you can’t change it at this point.

Do… Find a cozy spot to while away the hours

A table with a comfy chair and an outlet? Sign us up.

Need a more comprehensive what-to-do list? Check out our tips and tricks for surviving a delayed flight!

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