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How to Get Over Travel Fears

Try Relaxing During Your Flight


Traveling can bring great joy into our lives- it is a time to unwind, relax and enjoy new or familiar places. Yet, traveling can bring a lot of insecurities that often hinder people not to travel or to even feel stressed out on a trip. With pre-cognitive insecurities or general fears from terrorism abroad, it is no surprised that many have travel fears. Yet, it shouldn’t stop anyone from wanting to see such a beautiful and diverse world.

Fear of Flying

Unless you only want to travel within your own country or by boat, it’s difficult to avoid flying. Even if you enjoy traveling via bus, car or rail, there is so much to see on the other side of the world. Fear of flying often comes from not being able to control what can happen in the air, especially when you might have to sleep on a long flight. The National Transportation Safety Board says there is a rate of 1.7 deaths per hundred million vehicle miles for travel by air, or, there is a bigger chance of dying in a car than by air. Nonetheless, takeoff and landing can be scary, especially for young children, but don’t let a fear of flight keep you from traveling abroad. Try a meditation before and during a flight to stay calm, or keep busy by watching a movie, or even sleeping so you’re not stressing out about a flight.

Fear of Unfortunate Events

After the tragic events of 9/11 and the use of planes as weapons, it is understandable that many have a fear of these events happening again. The truth is- though it is awful to think about it, it can happen anytime and anywhere. But, security is at its highest, especially years after the event to make sure we live in a world where we are safe. We cannot let this fear keep us from living our daily lives. Those fearful of unfortunate events can begin traveling slowly by going on a staycation, or a nearby visit to another city.

Fear of Going Over Budget

You wouldn’t think this is a big fear, but it truly is on everyone’s mind on vacation. Going away, whether near or far can be costly, especially if you factor in a family’s needs. You may have anticipated a set amount of costs on your first family trip, but what happens if your rental car breaks down, or if you indulged on souvenir shopping? Costs can add up quickly and can equal unnecessary stress on vacation. Try to save a little extra for a “What If” fund on vacation; it doesn’t have to be huge, just enough for basic mini emergencies. Try to plan what your costs will be just like you do at home- food, drinks, and necessities, and factor in prices for excursions. Try to get coupons or deals before a trip to see if you can save money.

Fear of being robbed

You’re penniless and stripped void of your money and your pride, and you don’t know what to do. It is perhaps the most debilitating fear of any traveler- to be robbed abroad. This can honestly happen anywhere, even in the safest cities. Being broke can inhibit fears of not being able to pay for things or general safety of not being able to make it back home. Be aware that this can happen, but try to stay calm if it does. Try to stay in safe areas and be aware of your surroundings. If you’re traveling in areas that are deemed unsafe, try to hide your money in peculiar places. If you are robbed, make sure to get a report from the local police so you can claim it on your insurance when you return home.

General fear of Travel

While some people are native travelers and call airspace home, there are many that are actually scared to travel. Besides the above reasons, there are individuals that may be scared of leaving their familiar surroundings. Traveling means leaving yourself vulnerable to the possibility of change to a routine, but this doesn’t have to be a negative thing. If you’re generally scared of traveling, try to work out your fears- where might they stem from? Have you had a bad experience in the past, or have you never been exposed to it? Try to understand your fear and try to work on it- you wouldn’t want to miss seeing great things because of a troubling fear.


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  1. Boyde McMakin

    I have always be afraid of flying, but sometimes you just have to do it. I always enjoy the vacation once I’m there, but the plane ride is extremely stressful for me.


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