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Always Use the Bike Lanes!

Amsterdam may be the city famous for its canals, but unfortunately, you'll need other modes of transport to enjoy this versatile city. Luckily, the options to actually get around are just as useful and make touring this city as simple as it is to arrive. Before you start your journey, get a fresh loaf of bread and Dutch cheese to snack on during your travels, you’ll need this with so many tourist attractions in Amsterdam. (Note, we won’t mention vehicle transportation as it is not recommended for touring Amsterdam, unless you are traveling further)

Get out of Central Station: Anyone can easily spend a decent amount of time touring around the Amsterdam Central station. It is a main railway hub that transports 250,000 passengers a day. This late 19th century structure is situated on man-made Islands and was built in cast iron English style. It is a major connection for not only national destinations, but international cities in Germany and France. Hold on to your belongings and your sanity, it can easily get stressful here. Fortunately, the station is so pleasant looking and functional, you can find your way out.

Understand the Tram: The simplest way to get around the city quickly is to take the tram. They look like a mix between metro cars and buses, but are more convenient than both separately. Sixteen tram lines get you into the downtown area that is small and narrow, making the tram the easiest way to squeeze in. Starting at Central Station is perfect since many lines end here. Find the tourist attraction you want to go to and voila! You'll be there in a jiffy.

Navigating on foot: Tie your shoelaces tight, take a bite of your bread and cheese and get ready to tour Amsterdam on foot. It isn't necessarily impossible, but the job can be quite tiring. Many look at the map of Amsterdam and think they can conquer the city on foot. Amsterdam is surprisingly big once you get into the heart of it. If you enjoy a good, long walk with occasional breaks, consider walking through the city. The best way is to head down the Damrak, otherwise known as the Red Carpet into Amsterdam. This main street takes you straight from Central Station to Dam Square, one of the biggest tourist attractions in Amsterdam. From there, you can venture off in many directions.

Touring by bike: We wish those who are going to bike even more luck if they dare to bike in Amsterdam. Everyone knows the Dutch master biking with their nationwide bike lanes and bike culture. It's an experience to see Amsterdam the way it’s meant to be seen, but the confusing streets and overpopulated city center can be quite overwhelming. Always use bike lanes and paths when biking in the city. There are many signs and traffic lights designated especially for cyclists, so paying attention to these are vital. Most of all do not do as the Dutch- they have mastered the skill for a reason. Don’t attempt to chat on your cell phone, take on passengers or ignore red lights; trust us; Amsterdam is not the city to do this in!

Using the Dutch Rail: The Dutch rail, or the complicated word Nederlandse Spoorwegen, is the rail transport of The Netherlands. If you're done with your trip in Amsterdam, you can easily use this to get to other cities like Rotterdam or Utrecht.  These are the colorful yellow and dark blue trains that provide great service to the Dutch and tourists. Know the difference between stoptrein- a train that stops, or a local and the Intercity, that stop at major cities.

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