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A Rainy Day in Amsterdam!


In America, April showers bring May flowers, but in Amsterdam, September showers last until November. Fall in Amsterdam is typically low season to visit since it is often raining, a lot. Have no fear; your vacation doesn’t have to be a wash out. If you take advantage of cheap flights that have reduced largely from high seasoned summer, you can still find lots to do in the rainy fall season.

Antiekcentrum Amsterdam: Face it, Amsterdam is meant to be enjoyed outdoors. Everyone loves the scenery of the old canals and the low, fluffy clouds painted by the Dutch masters. But, the Dutch can handle a few rainy days, so you should be able to as well. Instead of visiting the outdoor Tulip market, check out Antiekcentrum Amsterdam. This is an indoor flea market which is a paradise for antique collectors. Find old jewelry, toys and all sorts of oddities. Its open every day, which means you can enjoy it even on weekdays.

Catch a flick at Tuschinski: In any city, the perfect anecdote for a rainy day is to catch a movie. Sure, you can do this at the comforts of your hotel room, or even at a regular movie theater, but when in Amsterdam, do like the locals. The Tuschinski theatre is one of the most beautiful examples of an Art Deco movie theatre. It was designed by a man of the same name who loved the Art Deco style. You’ve got to see it to believe you can see a film at such a beautiful location. Also, you don’t always have to catch a modern flick. Go back into time and catch one of their classic showings to truly feel like you’re in Amsterdam, circa 1920.

The Anne Frank House: Since this is an indoor facility, you may want to save a rainy day for The Anne Frank House. Match a bleak and somber day with the feeling you will get when visiting this emotional museum. It is the place where Anne Frank, a local Jewish girl living in Amsterdam, was hiding from the Nazis with her family. Her epic memoir recalling what it was like to live two years in hiding during World War II is chilling, but being in her very surroundings is ever more heart-breaking. To understand the importance of her story and the Dutch resistance during World War II, you must pay a visit to this special museum.

TunFun indoor playground: No matter where you are in the world, it’s always difficult to please a child on a rainy day. In Amsterdam, there is TunFun indoor playground, the Dutch equivalence of Chuck E Cheese for Americans. This facility was built in a former traffic underpass and now is a child’s fun indoor playground. You don’t have to be an active kid; there are even sections for infants and toddlers that can enjoy the indoor paradise. Parents will love being able to entertain their kids and logging on to the free Wi-Fi so they can have their own fun.

Enjoy a café: Did you know that the Dutch are one of the highest coffee consumers in the world? On average, the Dutch drink almost 150 liters coffee per year or about three cups per day. Join in on this energetic habit and enjoy the luxury of a café in Amsterdam. Like most European countries, those visiting a café in The Netherlands love to take their time and enjoy a long conversation without a rush. (As long as they are not on their work-coffee break that is) Find a local to have a gezellig (cozy) conversation with and you’ll most likely lose those Dutch showers!

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