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Go Cheap With a Burger Vending Machine!


With all of the bike riding you’ll do exploring the canal structured city of Amsterdam, you’ll work up a quick appetite. Or, sometimes you might need a quick cheap treat before a round of Dutch beers with some friends. Though the Dutch are known for their delicious kaas (cheese), luckily you’ll be able to eat cheaply without surviving on cheese sandwiches whenever you book flights to Amsterdam and visit!
FEBO: One look at this contraption and you’ll think it came straight out of Japan. Feeding cheap students and tourists since 1940, FEBO is named after a street where the founder was first employed. These automatic food dispensers supply everything from hamburgers, krokets and other lekker (tasty) Dutch treats! 22 shops exist in Amsterdam alone, but FEBO can be found all over The Netherlands.
Albert Heijn: Who is this guy and what does he have to do with cheap eats in Amsterdam? Look for the light blue AH sign and you’ll find the best known Dutch supermarket in The Netherlands. Whether or not you are lucky to stay in a location where you have a kitchen, you can find quick, cheap eats at the supermarket. Grab a warm sandwich, some fresh fruit and yogurt or even buy Dutch cheese and make yourself a cheese sandwich. Look for AH at Amsterdam Central station, where you can find a to-go store for travel friendly treats.
Shawarmas: So, you had a little too much fun in Amsterdam and now you need a fulfilling meal to get rid of a possible hangover the next day. Luckily, shawarma places are all over Amsterdam and cater to extremely late night hours. This Middle Eastern treat consists of grilled meat, vegetables, and tahini sauce with pita bread. For usually less than five Euros, you can cure a hangover in a delicious way!
Frites: Chances are, you will bump into many vending stalls with the world famous Patat Frites. We won’t get into the long battle of whether they are more Dutch or Belgian, because these frites are too delicious to bother arguing. Served in a paper cone, these long, thick fries are freshly cooked and topped with lots of savory toppings. Choose from garlic sauce, ketchup, fritessaus (Dutch mayonaisse) or even peanut sauce. Even if you load all the toppings and get the biggest size, it will be less than 10 Euros.
Maoz: Beginning in Amsterdam and now seen worldwide, Maoz is the King of the Vegolution. Maoz Vegetarian is a fast service restaurant serving authentic falafels. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy Maoz; the falafel balls and numerous toppings are filling enough for you to have energy to explore the city on bike.


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