It’s true, Instagramming all of the amazing sights as you travel can be as exhilarating as actually seeing all of the amazing sights in the first place. Heck, I’ve even been guilty of checking work email when I travel. In this digital age, it’s hard to completely unplug and travel in the style of the generations that lived before smart phones (trust me, I know). However, there are some accommodation setups that are either so relaxing and beautiful you don’t even want to be plugged in or literally off the grid that you have no choice but to disconnect.

Here are our top five ways to get off the grid and unplug – if only for a day or two:

Go Into The Wild In Big Sur, California


Made famous by the Jack Kerouac novel by the same name, Big Sur is one of the most beautiful places in the U.S. From craggy rock faces to majestic pines to sweeping ocean views, there are plenty of things to look at other than your smartphone screen. Big Sur is home to a variety of campgrounds where you’ll be sure to find like-minded travelers looking to undergo a digital detox. Before you unplug, consider checking yourself into the Benedictine monastery that offers silence and meditation retreats to media-weary individuals.

Rent A Secluded Cabana In San Agustinillo, Mexico

valtrifon / Shutterstock

valtrifon / Shutterstock

A small fishing village in Oaxaca (on Mexico’s southern Pacific coast) could be just what the doctor ordered to make you forget about your digital world. A popular place to unplug is at the secluded cabanas of Punta Placer, where you can tuck into a beachfront bungalow without any televisions, Wi-Fi or even landlines to distract you. With sea breezes, air-conditioning and waves lapping against the shore as your soundtrack, you’ll soon be lulled into a media-free state of bliss.

Check Into A Tech-Free Zone On Anguilla


As if islands weren’t already enough of a removal from the realities of daily life, The Arawak Beach Inn on Anguilla has taken it one step further. For social media and email addicted travelers, this stunning resort has devised a seven-day tech-free package. Guests participating in the “Isolation Vacation” are required to check their electronic devices at the desk before they’re led to rooms without televisions. Next, it’s time to hit the beach and engage in some face-to-face conversation or reconnect with print culture (you know, books and magazines).

Enjoy Natural Beauty (And A Massage Or Two) In Koh Samui, Thailand

Manfred Werner / Wikipedia

Manfred Werner / Wikipedia

An island off the east coast of Thailand’s Kra Isthmus, Koh Samui is synonymous with physical and spiritual rejuvenation. From detox spas to yoga centers to beachside bungalows, there are plenty of spots (some more budget friendly than others) to unplug and enjoy Thailand’s natural beauty.

Surf The Waves, Not The ‘Net In Santa Catalina, Panama


Nothing like spending a week in a secluded town in Panama to inspire you to unplug. If the slow pace and the beach views aren’t enough to occupy your body and mind, you can always pick up a surfboard. That’s right, Santa Catalina is a prime surf destination. It’s also home to Oasis Surf Camp, where beginners can learn how to surf alongside experienced instructors. If surfing isn’t in the cards, you can always take a boat trip to a nearby island without Wi-Fi.

When is the last time you totally unplugged during a vacation? Where were you? What about that location was conducive to a digital detox? Let us know in the comments section below!

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