With 350 days of sunshine and temperatures that average around 80 degrees, Dubai is an excellent destination to visit at any time of the year. With plenty of cheap flights available; great food and shopping options; and the chance to experience a culture that’s the perfect blend of tradition, technology, and opulence, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable trip. The Dubai heat could be a welcome change from a harsh winter, but it can also be draining. But don’t worry — here are a few experiences that can help you keep cool in this magnificent metropolis!

Go Diving for Pearls

pearl oyster Did you know that one of the oldest traditions in Dubai is pearl diving? For years, the world’s best pearls were found around the Arabian Gulf. You can embark on your own pearl diving day trip to learn about this precious tradition and have a chance to dive and look for pearls yourself. You’ll learn how to open an oyster and enjoy a traditional Arabic lunch. Having a chance to dive in cool water and trying your hand at an age old practice is probably the perfect way to enjoy your time in Dubai.

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Get Your Winter Sports on at Ski Dubai

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Who has to make two trips when you can enjoy summer and winter sports in one place? You can fulfill that urge for cold weather at the largest indoor ski slope in the world. Ski Dubai offers visitors activities like skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, and the opportunity to meet and play with the center’s newest residents — Snow Penguins.

Shop for Winter Clothes…and Test Them Out

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Let’s say you want to take our suggestion and head for the indoor slopes, but you didn’t pack winter clothing. Have no fear, for a trip to the Adventure HQ store will not only solve this problem, but also give you another chance to stay cool. Obviously, this store is air conditioned so you can already take a relief from the hot temperatures, but you can also take your experience to the next level by entering sub-arctic temperatures in the chill chamber, which is the perfect place to try out your new winter gear.

Chillout Ice Lounge

Now that you’ve got some serious winter gear (despite the desert temperatures), you can also enjoy using them at the Chillout Lounge. This frozen sanctuary is a actually a lounge that offers visitors a menu that includes sandwiches, hot soups, and desserts, and is set in an environment where everything is made from ice, making you feel like you’re in a funky igloo. It feels so cold you might actually miss that sweltering heat!

Take a Dip at the Beach

Sun holidays on the beach of Persian Gulf

If you want to actually enjoy your time outdoors, what better way to cool off than to take a dip at the beach? Getting your power bronzing on doesn’t mean you have to burn out. With your sunscreen and beach goodies good to go, head for the Habtoor Grand Beach Resort and Spa. There is a swim-up pool bar with waterslides and a long, beautiful beach. This is a perfect spot for couples, families, or solo travelers who want to lounge, relax and also stay a little bit cool.

Got any other tips on how to stay cool in Dubai? Let us know in the comments.

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