Jet lag. It’s rough, am I right?

When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to do is get
stuck in a cranky, confused state of sleep-deprived miserableness. You just
want to get out there and have fun!

Good luck doing that if your internal clock hasn’t adjusted
yet. And I mean that with the MAXIMUM amount of sarcasm.

So! How can you beat jet lag? It’s not too hard. Follow
these quick tips, and you’ll be maximizing your enjoyable travel time like a

1.) Start altering your sleep schedule while you’re still at


If you’re headed east, start waking up and going to bed an
hour earlier each day for several days before your departure. If you’re
traveling west, make your rising time and bedtime an hour later each night. You’ll
gradually ease yourself into the new schedule, and your body won’t be so
shocked upon arrival.

2.) Manipulate your exposure to light.


This one is allegedly the most effective way to beat jet
lag. Simply control when you’re exposed to light. If you’re headed east, soak
up the sun early in the morning, and retreat into the darkness in early
afternoon. If you’re headed west, do the opposite.

3.) Don’t bother adjusting to the new time zone at all.


If you’re only headed out for a quick trip, it might not be
worth the trouble of resetting your body’s clock. If you’ll only be away for a
couple of days, consider leaving your watch set to your home time, and conduct
yourself accordingly. Who says you have to eat breakfast in the morning?

Do you have any clever tricks to beat jet lag? Blow it up in
the comments!

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[H/T to LifeHacker.]

Hannah Winsten is a staff writer for the Miles Away blog.

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