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Saving money when travel expenses pile up can be a “eureka” moment for the novice or even the experienced traveler. While planning a trip, we scavenger through various websites to find the best travel deal. During a vacation, we might negotiate prices at a souvenir shop, since we are giving them good business. No matter how you want to save money before, during or after a trip, there are simple rules for being a great travel bargainer.

Be smart about what you want to negotiate: Negotiating on an item can be a skilled art, but isn’t only for marketers or business oriented types. Everyone wants to save a little money, but this isn’t advantageous to the seller who is trying to make the most bang for his buck. Discussing a deal on an already discounted travel package is out of the question. Meanwhile, it may be reasonable to bargain at a farmer’s market at the end of the day when sellers are trying to get rid of items they do not want to take back home.

Know where to make a bargain: Not only is it smart to know what you should negotiate, but it is also courteous. Where you are bargaining is important to remember. Asking for a special discount at a high end retailer in Paris may not seem as clever as doing so at a vintage market in the outskirts of the city. Be smart about how and what you want to make a deal on.

Never persist and stay polite: Travelers often brag about making a good deal during their travels in countries where their dollar might already be beneficial. The novice bargainer might easily become frustrated when a local street seller won’t budge on the price of an item. Try not to be persistent and unreasonable; it might seem rude to the local that a tourist is simply cheap and rude. Politely explain why you’d like a discount and why it can be a win-win situation for both parties.

Access all resources usefully: For the travel planning geeks who know how to find the best deal, it may be very easy to allocate travel opportunities. Meanwhile, others may wonder how they spent thousands of dollars on a flight that the travel geek might have gotten for mere hundreds. One doesn’t have to be a travel guru, but can learn their ways. Talk to travel oriented individuals and ask what websites or agencies they might use. Learn when to book a flight or hotel and when is the best time to find a good deal. Also, look out for bargains on Tourism sites for local discounts once you go on your splendid vacation.

Don’t expect to always save: Worse comes to worse and you might find yourself unable to find a great deal. Perhaps you missed the window of opportunity or there simply aren’t discounted vacation packages for Hawaii in August. Sometimes, based on your travel itinerary, it may be difficult to find a good deal during high season. Also, you might not be able to negotiate with local sellers even if you try to walk away and expect them to chase you. If you really want an item or travel package bad enough, it might be best to give in if no other opportunities arise. There is nothing worse than waiting too long and having prices sky rocket.

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