This flight, avoid the toilet

For some of us, flying causes anxiety, an ill stomach, or both! We get on the plane with our palms clammy, our nerves shaking, and our bellies queasy and until we reach our destination we feel this way. Flying shouldn't be a terrible experience. In fact, flying should be exciting and fun. After all, it's getting us to our destination; it's our portal to vacation. The following tips were created in order to help you deal with flying anxiety, and illness.


1) Choose the right seat:  Aisle seats provide more space and therefore will help you to feel more comfortable and less anxious. Sitting in the middle of two people can make you feel claustrophobic and lead to stress which could then lead to sickness. If looking out the window calms you down, that could also be a wise choice. If possible, ask the air staff before choosing your seat where the most stable area of the plane is and sit there. This will prevent you from experiencing as many bumps and shakes.


2) Mind over matter: You've heard this phrase before and trust us, it works. Convince yourself that you're not going to be sick. Think about something else, focus on something pleasant. This should help to ease your stomach and your nerves. If you simply get anxious without any stomach sickness, focusing on something positive will do wonders for your mental state.


3) Read a book, or don't: If your problem is flight anxiety, then reading a book can help to take your mind off of the idea that you're on an airplane (try to avoid books that talk about flying, planes, or air disasters) However, if you're problem is that your stomach becomes queasy while in the air, skip the book and put your headphones in. Just like reading a book in the car, reading can sometimes cause some individuals to feel a bit nauseous while flying.


4) Prepare yourself before you fly: Take something for your stomach and/or nerves before you fly. There are a number of motion sickness pills out there that will help to ease your stomach. For longer flights, make sure you bring a few of those babies on board with you, this way you have them handy if you need them. If nerves are the problem and there's nothing you can take before the flight, wine is usually pretty calming.


5) Prepare your mind: Whether it's the understanding that there's going to be motion, or a nice meditation set, preparing yourself emotionally before the flight could do wonders for both your mind and body. Do some breathing exercises on the flight too if it helps. Create a routine for yourself that you feel comfortable with and do it before flying, and during if necessary.


Remember, flying is going to get you from point A to point fabulous! Enjoying your air time will make the start and end of your trip all the more memorable and exciting.



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