Trust me, I’m not the first one to promote technology. I can’t stand it when people spend more time taking pictures of their food than chewing it. I dislike the fact that technology has made us social media experts but unfortunately less sociable on a human level. Heads are buried in mobile phones whether you ride the subway or the bus, and headphones drown out the possibility of giving heed to a stranger’s polite greeting or call for help. Sad … but true.

But when it comes to how technology has helped travelers, I can’t champion it enough. True, there are many downsides, as recently highlighted in this rather witty piece on The Telegraph, but overall, I have to say the pros outweigh the cons. Here are some of the reasons why I feel technology has actually made life easier for the traveler.


You can plan faster and get going sooner

When all you have is just a couple of days in Cancun, you want to book and fly right NOW. Online booking technology gives travelers the convenience of quickly comparing offers and selecting the best one all with a few clicks and swipes on their mobile devices. Additional things you’ll need, like accommodation and even car rentals, are also easy and quick to book online. All this means you’ll have more time to spend on the beach … and perhaps more time to drown in a few more cocktails.

Reviews and tips from other travelers can save you time and money

True – there is the nostalgic and romantic notion of getting lost on holidays, where a pleasant accident and a sweet twist of fate may land you with a good looking stranger in a dive bar, or lead you to the shady part of town where smiling locals garland you and honor you as the chief guest at their party. Sound great right? Not really. In reality, that dive bar got just 2 bubbles on Trip Advisor and is noted for being a drug den, and that shady part of town has consistently been outed on review sites as being a no-go zone for tourists. With travelers sharing insights and advice online, there’s really insurance that you won’t be having too many bad experiences on a limited-time holiday. You can filter down places you really want to visit, get the best deals, and bargain reasonably so you don’t pay too much. Technology gets 5 stars from me

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You’ll hardly ever get lost

If you’re directionally challenged much like myself, you might spend a lot of your holiday going around in circles. Some countries may not have clearly marked streets and addresses, while a majority of the population may not speak English. However, with GPS and Google Maps coming to the rescue, you’ll always know the best way to get from point A to point B with minimal fuss. Sure, there’ll be times when you’ll be searching for that monastery tucked inside a cave, which is located behind a tree with 5 branches, which has a goat tied to it, and the only way you’ll find it is to go old school and ask somebody – but still –  95% of the time, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

There aren’t too many travelers who will disagree with the fact that technology has helped travel for the better. While society in general seems to be preoccupied with recording their existence on earth on Instagram, I can only be thankful for technology when I’m on the road. And that’s why I give it a solid 5 stars.

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