iPhone App Saves Life in Haiti Earthquake


Usually people say that their iPhone is a life saver because it receives important emails or can assist in finding an excellent restaurant on the go.


But for one Colorado Springs filmmaker, it actually did save his life. Dan Woolley arrived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti just 48-hours before the 7.0 earthquake to work on a project for the children’s charity Compassion.


While staying at the Hotel Montana, Woolley began to feel tremors and minutes later found himself buried under rubble. Woolley used the light on his iPhone to check out his injuries and then downloaded a first aid app for a diagnosis. The app assisted him in treating the massive bleeding from cuts on his legs and back of his head.


Woolley also used the app to help him make a bandage and tourniquet for his broken leg using his shirt and a sock to stop the bleeding from a head wound. He then searched the app on ways to stop from going into shock.


Woolley took pictures on his iPhone of his surroundings to help find a safe location to take refuge. Located inside of an elevator shaft, rescue crews found him 65 hours later alive. Woolley is now in Miami, Florida recovering at Jackson Memorial Hospital.


Source: Associated Press

Flickr: William Hook

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