Live like a king or queen…even if it is for a few nights


Inspired by the royal wedding, I've indulged in a little armchair travel
this week. With a tiara on my head and earl gray tea in hand, I discovered
a few palace-like hotels that would make any girl feel like a princess for a
night. So, if you want to travel like royalty, here are three authentic
castles and two modern choices for the ultimate luxe lodging.


Ashford Castle (Cong, Co Mayo, Ireland):
Circa 1228, this massive estate has stunning views and lavish rooms that
seem as if they were written for a romance novel. And with activities such
as falconry and archery, you're sure to feel like you've stepped back to the
time of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table.


Amberley Castle (Sussex, England):
Enter through stone walls and under lattice wrought iron gates to discover
an authentic English castle. You're sure to feel like Cinderella in the
traditional English appointed rooms with four-poster beds, medieval
architecture and stained glass windows. Just don't forget your glass


Chateau de Bagnols (Bagnols, France):
This destination is a romantic French fantasy come to life. Well manicured
gardens and reflecting ponds lead you to this historic castle where you'll
cross a drawbridge to find walls covered in ivy and framed with turrets.
The interior is just as majestic with 18th century ceiling frescoes and
luxurious canopy beds.


Burj Al Arab (Dubai, United Arab Emirates):
This excessively extravagant hotel takes on the shape of a sail boat in the
Arabian sea and there are only two ways to arrive, by Rolls Royce or by
helicopter. Here you can experience fine dining underwater or under the
stars … literally. Their luxurious Royal Suite comes complete with 22
carat gold fittings, a rotating four poster bed, gold and marble stair case
and private cinema.


Four Seasons (New York City, United States):
For the ultimate in urban opulence, a stay in the Ty Warner Pent House Suite
will have you sleeping on a Swedish mattress entirely made by hand using all
natural materials. Fabrics throughout the suite are threaded with platinum
and gold while some of the walls are even surfaced with semi-precious

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