In the wake of the alleged Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad being able to board an aircraft, even though he was on the government’s no-fly list, Homeland Security is going to be putting even more pressure on airports to check the list more frequently.


Going forward, airlines will check the updated no-fly lists within two hours after notification of changes have been made to the list.


According to a story released Wednesday by the Associated Press, Shahzad was able to buy a one-way ticket with cash and check onto an Emirates airlines flight despite being on the
list. Emirates said it had not looked at the updates list that included Shahzad’s name.


Previously airlines had to check the new list every 24 hours. Airlines are notified with instructions to check the updated list when new names have been added to it. If an airline does not follow the new two hour rule, they could face fines.



Source: Associated Press

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