Will Hawaii become the new Sin City?


Will Hawaii become the new Sin City?


When you think of Hawaii, a few images come to mind – beaches, tropical drinks and…slot machines?


Believe it or not the Aloha State is one of two states that does not allow legal gambling (the other being Utah).


But with Hawaii suffering financially and tourism taking a complete nose dive over the last two years, lawmakers are thinking of legalizing gambling and hoping that their roll of the dice will pay off with new jobs and added revenue to the state.


While playing roulette in the desert of Las Vegas is always a good time, but many Americans might skip over Sin City for a little gambling in paradise.


What do you think of Hawaii toying with the idea of adding casinos to their state?


Will this idea entice you to visit the 50th U.S. state and put everything on red or do you think that this will ruin the laid back vibe of Hawaii?


Source: Associated Press

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