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Tourism at the Jersey Shore is expected to be even higher this summer


Are you ready to have your own fist-pumping, bar-hopping, pickle-sucking, good time? If so, get ready because this year you can rent out the very house where our dear friends Pauly D, The Situation, Snooki, J-Woww, Sammi-Sweetheart and the rest of the cast partied during their first season!


That’s right; the show has made the actual Jersey Shore a hot spot for tourists and visitors. The house of the original cast (located at 1209 Ocean Terrace near Kearney Avenue) is already booked through the end of the summer.


Renting out the house is expensive, but if you’ve got the dough, you can stay in the party pad for $1,800 to $6,000 big ones a night, depending on the date, says Michael Loundy, the real estate agent whose firm Seaside Realty brought MTV to the shore last summer.


Whether or not you’re a fan of the show doesn’t really matter. It’s already attracted quite the crowd to the Seaside Heights area of New Jersey.  The head of the borough’s tourism office, Maria Maruca, thought it was “freakin’ awesome” when the show brought in almost $3 million into the local economy during its first season last year.


“I’m pumpin’ my fist, got my pouf on and everything,” she said. “This is national publicity you can’t even put a dollar amount on. There’s an even bigger buzz this year.”


A few sure signs that business is increasing: beach badge sales are up significantly this year and several new businesses have opened on or near the boardwalk.
About 400 people pose daily in front of the famous house and it constantly needs repainting because of consistent vandalism, Loundy says.


If you don’t have the cash to stay in the casts’ house, you can still relive some Jersey Shore moments by visiting local hot spots.  Stop by Beachcomber Bar and Grill and see the exact spot where Snooki got punched in the face by a wild customer.


You can also visit other popular destinations like Karma (the nightclub in which we were blessed with the sight of Snooki’s panties as she did back flips) The Bamboo Bar, The Headliner, and more.


Source: msnbc


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