iPad translates to I travel

A new study by mobile advertising network Greystripe shows the strongest links yet between iPad users and the world of travel. According to the industry report, 67 percent of iPad users can be characterized as frequent travelers, with many using the nifty Apple device to find cheap flights, book hotel rooms, get directions, or seek expert travel advice.



The study found that while most travelers with smartphones or tablets utilize some kind of mobile travel app, iPad users are more likely (60 percent) to make a travel booking than those using iPhones or Android devices (49 percent). In all, 91 percent of iPad users have used the device for some kind of travel related activity.


With smartphones growing smarter by the day, the report also shows users increasingly using the mobile web to book and research travel as opposed to individual travel apps.


According to the numbers, 69 percent of iPad users and 60 percent of smartphone users have used the mobile web to book or research travel.


Source: San Francisco Chronicle

CC Flickr photo credit: Yutaka

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