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Visitors pass through Hogsemeade Village at The Wizarding World of<br />
Harry Potter (Image: Wikimedi)
The popular Hogsmeade Village in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter


In just six months of operation, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter helped lift attendance at Universal Orlando by nearly 20 percent for 2010.


Universal announced earlier this week that 11.2 million people passed through its parks in 2010, up nearly 2 million from the year before. Officials said the Harry Potter theme park, which garnered international attention when it opened in mid-June, deserved much of the credit for the boost in attendance.


And visitors weren’t just passing through; many plunked down cash for Potter-themed souvenirs and refreshments like wands, butterbeer, and chocolate frogs. Annual revenue for the parks jumped nearly 41 percent on the year.


Officials can only hope that the Harry Potter Magic continues into 2011.


Source: Miami Herald

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