We all felt that heart-crushing disappointment when our eleventh birthday rolled around and we didn’t get a letter from Hogwarts (we also wondered how, exactly, we let our brother’s tarantula escape its cage if not by magic…). Well, dry your eyes, Harry Potter fans, because your wildest dreams could very well come to fruition sooner than you think!


The French Harry Potter fan organization Mimbulus Mimbletonia announced this week plans to recreate the Hogwarts experience in Bourgougnague, France — a small town in the southwest region of the country close to Bordeaux. For 100 lucky students, the picturesque Château de Jolibert will become a magical school of witchcraft and wizardry for four days — holding Potions, Charms, Botony, and Defense Against the Dark Arts classes.

You’ll even get sorted into your House!

*not Slytherin* *not Slytherin*!

There is a very detailed layout on the Mimbulus Mimbletonia Facebook page and website that lists out the activities day-by-day — they include Quidditch lessons, communal feasts, common room games, and even the announcement of House Cup winner at the end of the weekend!

There is one sneaky catch, though. You’ve got the be fluent in French.

But, hey, you have seven months to learn!

Now, the practical information: The group will only choose 100 aspiring witches and wizards from the large pool of applicants. All students must be over the age of 16 by May 25th, 2017. Ticket prices will be announced on Halloween, so we don’t know how much they will be yet, but we do know that the cost will cover accommodation and food over the course of the event from May 25th to May 28th.

Basically, gather your crew and pack your trunks.

We’re gonna be studying up on our high school French and practicing our spells.

Mischief managed, amiright? Let’s all head to France.

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