The upcoming International Surfing Day provides the perfect excuse to head out to catch that wave. Celebrated on June 20, this day showcases the sport of surfing and its associated lifestyle. Why not take this time to visit the best beaches and waves in the world? Regardless of if you are a novice or an expert surfer, surfing is a sport that anyone can enjoy — or at least enjoy watching! Here are six of the best surfing destinations around the world, beckoning you to bust out that longboard and head for the ocean waves!


The surf at Nazaré, Portugal

With over 600 miles of gorgeous coastline, Portugal offers plenty of options for surfers of all levels. Visitors will also appreciate the charming coastal towns that dot the landscape of this country, providing a scenic backdrop for your surfing adventures. The primary surfing season in Portugal runs from December through February. This is when you will enjoy the biggest waves and the most action. If you are a beginner, you may want to aim to time your trip for the summer months when the waves will be smaller with a more manageable learning curve.

South Africa

Lion’s Head, Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa is more than just an ideal jumping off point for a wild animal safari. You will also find superb surfing along the coast of this exciting country. Jeffrey’s Bay, affectionately known as J-Bay to the locals, is the best place to hone your surfing skills. However, you will find beautiful strands of sand and good wave action in the entire area stretching from Durban to Cape Town. The best time to visit this surfing Mecca is during July or August. Be sure to carve out some time to explore all that South Africa has to offer when you are on your surfing adventure.


Ireland? Yes, Ireland! One might not associate Ireland with surfing, but this lush, green country also boasts world-class surfing options. Ireland has nearly 2,000 miles of coastline, so it’s easy to stake out your ideal spot. Ireland’s surfing is buoyed by the massive waves that come from the North Atlantic that pair with the atmospheric conditions shaped by the Gulf Stream. Together, these natural elements deliver ideal conditions for surfers. Some of the best locations include Donegal Bay, Strandhill, and Carrowniskey. End your day with a pint of Guinness at an Irish pub and you have found your perfect surfing escape.


Yeah, this one’s pretty obvious. Is there anyone who doesn’t know that Hawaii is a surfer’s paradise? Because there is no shortage of amazing surfing beaches in Hawaii. Because the swell comes from every direction, you can find numerous surfing locations throughout this group of islands. The year-round perfect weather also helps to contribute to the superior surfing experience.

Although there are surfing spots every way you look, there is no doubt that the granddaddy of them all is Oahu’s North Shore. Along the Seven Mile Miracle, you will find the famous Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach, and Haleiwa Beach Park. All of these spots are best suited for those with experience in the sport. However, there are also a variety of spots in Hawaii that are great for those just getting started. So if you’re looking for surfing adventure, check out some cheap flights to Honolulu, Hawaii and take to the waves!

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Surfer on the shores of Montañita, Ecuador

Ecuador is distinguished by its diverse surfing options, delivering an equal proportion of right-facing to left-facing waves. The best time of the year if you are looking for large swells is between December and April as the winter storm season in the North Pacific fires up. You will see particularly good surfing action if you travel to Ecuador during an El Niño year, bringing the Pacific storm track farther to the south. While Montañita is undoubtedly the most popular surfing spot in Ecuador, you will find great locations all throughout the country.


Siargao Island, Philippines

Featuring more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines lays claim to a generous number of fabulous surfing spots. The crystal clear waters invite you to jump in with your board and see what you can do. The Philippines is a true surfer’s delight with the height of the season lasting from August until the beginning of November. This is when you will find the peak of the waves. Good destinations to put on your surfing itinerary while in the Philippines include San Juan, La Union, Sabang Beach in Baler, and the beaches located on Eastern Samar.

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