"Christmas at the New York Stock Exchange," CC Flickr photo credit: Michael Daddino
Christmas at the New York Stock Exchange


As beautiful and traditional the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is, we have to admit, it takes attention away from other spectacular spruces in the Big Apple.


Those still feeling Merry after the holidays who are lucky enough to score cheap flights to New York City should be sure to check out these other options before it’s too late! It’s worth wading through the people traffic to view these Christmas wonders:


Wall Street Christmas Tree: Hidden in the dizzying cobble-stone streets of Lower Manhattan, Wall Street,  the site of the world famous New York Stock Exchange, is a must see for travelers. Taking in the sights, visitors may forget that thousands on 9-5’ers call this place their work space. Luckily, they can snag a piece of the Christmas spirit by looking outside to view this lovely tree. It’s a little less congested than Rockefeller Center, especially since all the Wall Street protestors are now out of the way.  Just be careful when rush hour hits and the financial guys are ready to rush home. They might get in the way of your picture.


South Street Seaport Tree: As you walk down Fulton Street towards the Seaport, you take a walk through history. First inhabited by the Dutch, this area is now a modern day waterfront hangout. Before you make the crossover, you are met by a blue lit Christmas tree. Though we think it would be nicer by the water, it brings out the Christmas shopper in us just before we hit the South Street Seaport mall.


Met Museum Tree: One of the busiest museums in the city is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, filled with art lovers looking to be awed and inspired. You can get the same feeling by observing the museum’s beautiful Christmas tree; an annual tradition since the 1950’s. It is a simple tree with nativity scenes reenacting the birth of Christ on and around the tree; different than your usual led light display.


Washington Square Park Tree: You’ve seen this familiar arch in Friends and I am Legend, yet the park is just a part of the average NYU student’s commute. When the Christmas season rolls around, everyone is awe-struck to enjoy such a perfect spot for a tree. It is nestled right in between the arch that welcomes tourists to yet another unique New York City neighborhood, The Village.


Bryant Park Tree: Mimicking the Rockefeller Christmas tradition, Bryant Park is now home to its own spectacular tree and ice rink. It is the perfect place to enjoy after holiday sales with the Holiday shops right next door; a trifecta of NYC fun. The kids can enjoy ice skating, while mom and dad shop and the family can group together to enjoy hot chocolate while watching the tree lighting up the park at night.


CC Flickr photo credit: Michael Daddino

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