New York City topped the list for weekend getaways in the US


It’s safe to say that the folks at Hampton Hotels know a little bit about weekend getaways. The hotel giant operates over 1,700 properties across the North America and has become an internationally recognized brand in the hotel market.


So when Hampton released a list of the top 10 weekend getaway destinations in the United States this week, we thought it’d be wise to pass it along to you.


In compiling the list, the hotel sought the opinion of travelers from across the country and in select markets. The top choices for weekend getaways are:

1.    New York
2.    Las Vegas
3.    Chicago
4.    San Francisco
5.    San Diego
6.    Los Angeles
7.    Boston
8.    Charleston, S.C.
9.    Washington
10.  New Orleans


Did your favorite weekend getaway make the cut? Let us know in the comments: 


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