Travel and tourism to the Gulf Coast region is suffering greatly since the BP oil spill began on April 20. In a new set of multimillion dollar ads, funded mostly by BP, the Gulf Coast states make it clear to unsure visitors that you can still visit their seaside destinations despite the oil spill.


Websites like and provide real time images and pertinent information for tourists so that they may "make an informed travel decision."


One campaign states: "Florida has 825 miles of beaches, 221 of them right here in Northwest
Florida. That's a
lot of beach to choose from. There are plenty of places in Florida
where you can enjoy crystal clear waters and a great beach vacation." The Alabama ad also showcases the area's shopping, food, golf and entertainment.


Monday, Gov. Charlie Crist told CBS's Harry Smith the BP oil disaster was "a devastating, catastrophic event" and later added "We need to stop
offshore oil drilling in Florida." 


A direct references to oil were avoided in the ads and only spoke on the travel destinations great features. Has the oil spill affected or changed your travel plans this summer? Leave a comment below.



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