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Guide for Dummies: How to Walk in NYC, Flickr: sakeeb

Head to the Sidewalk’s Curb for Taking Pictures

Tourists in NYC catch a bad rap real quickly. They’re known for stopping in the middle of the street to take pictures, look at a map, or do something to slow down the New Yorkers rushing to get from point a to point b. Here are a few tips to make those with flights to NYC a little more comfortable when it comes to roaming the streets.

Tip #1: Stay on the right side of the sidewalk, yes, much like a car.  You’ll notice people are flowing a lot easier because there isn’t anyone going against the stream.

Tip #2: If you find yourself walking right behind someone, right on their heels, stop.  If you’re walking behind a New Yorker by chance, they won’t like that and you’re sure to be the recipient of a dirty look at least.  Give them some breathing room.

Tip#3: If your shoelaces become untied don’t stop abruptly to bend down and tie them, someone is going to walk right into your ass. What you should do is head to the curb of the sidewalk and then bend down to tie them.  This rule also goes for taking pictures.

Tip #4:  Texting with your head down.  This is a big no-no, you’re in NYC! Even if someone sees you doing so, they’re going to walk right into and blame you.  Yes, I know, us New Yorkers are cruel people, but avoid all this and don’t text with your head down in the middle of the sidewalk or crossing the street for that matter. New York cabbies are a hostile bunch.

Tip #5:  Walking aimlessly, that’s fine, but make sure you’re not in a busy part of town. We’ve got to get to work people! Sure you’ll probably want to go to Times Square but keep it moving.

So, follow these tips and you’ll probably make a few friends with New Yorkers, tell’em you followed the CheapOair guide for dummies!

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    hostile and bad humor people wherever they are or do they are going to bother for everything around.does not matter!!!!


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