The Straphangers Campain Annual subway report card is in!


One of the most eye-opening experiences for out-of-towners arriving on flights to New York City can be a ride on the city’s subway system. Nothing can quite compare to the sights, sounds, and smells (unfortunately) of the New York underground. So how did one of the world’s most infamous transportation systems fair this past year?


The 14th annual State of the Subways Report Card is in! The yearly report, compiled by the New York non-profit Straphangers Campaign, grades the city’s subway system in terms of cleanliness, promptness, and overall passenger experience.


Following a year of cutbacks by the Metropolitan Transportation Association (MTA), the group found that most subway cars remained clean according to their standards, with 94% of all cars passing inspection.


Meanwhile, the percentage of clear and correct on-board announcements decreased slightly system-wide. Only 87% of announcements were coherent and clear according to the 2011 report, down from 91% the previous year.


The title for best subway line in 2011 belongs to the J/Z line which runs from Broad Street in Lower Manhattan to Jamaica Center in Queens. The No. 2 and C lines tied for worst system-wide due to dirty cars and frequent breakdowns.


The Straphangers Campaign doesn’t see eye to eye with the MTA on current pricing for even the best lines, however. The group valued a ride on the J/Z line at $1.45 while a trip on the No. 2 and C lines was valued at just 90 cents. A current one-way trip on the New York City subway system costs $2.25.


Source: NY Daily News

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