According to a government report released Tuesday, tourism increased 3.9 percent for the first quarter of 2010.  This is welcome news to the travel and tourism industry after the Bureau of Economic Analysis saw a 1.5 percent decrease in the fourth quarter of 2009.


Travelers spending money on hotels and other accommodations jumped 11 percent in the first quarter, after plummeting 7.9 percent in the fourth quarter. BEA said hotel bookings were the biggest factor in the growth of travel spending so far this year.


But the airline industry also saw brighter skies as passenger spending was up 4.5 percent during the first
quarter, after tumbling 9.8 percent in the fourth quarter. Airlines have stated they have seen business travel pick up, which means unfortunately less super sales from the airlines for now. 


Has your travel spending habits changed over the last few years? Leave a comment below and share with us how the economy has changed your travel plans.


Source: Associated Press 

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