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Cheese, chocolates, fancy wrist watches, Roger Federer…and just a set of cheap last minute flights away you’ll find quite a few things the world can thank Switzerland for. While being an amazing place for outdoor enthusiasts and skiers, the country is also one of the more expensive destinations in Europe. But, even with a hefty cost of living, you can still find plenty of free experiences you can get up to if you ever visit the Alpine nation.

Prance Through Parliament


The nation’s parliament (the Bundeshaus) opens its doors to visitors (for free, of course) and is the perfect place to learn about interesting historical stories as well as fun trivia.

Want to experience Switzerland without spending too much? These last minute flights can help you get there for less!

Have a Glance Back at History

The utterly charming history museum that is Maison Tavel is housed in a magnificent 14th-century house, the oldest one in the city. Don’t miss the museum’s extensive 3D model of Geneva in 1850 – quite impressive!

Churn a Little Happiness


Ever wondered how Swiss cheese gets those holes in them? You can learn all about this and much more at Emmentaler Schaukaeserei. The cheesery in the scenic Emmental valley may be off the beaten path, but where else will you be able to take a behind-the-scenes, audio-guided tour of the cheese-making process that won’t cost you a penny?

Watch Time Tick Away

Watchmaker Omega has been making beautiful timepieces for more than a century. Highlights from its illustrious history include being the first watch on the Moon and the official timekeeper of the Olympics games, and even enjoying cult status as the watch of choice of James Bond, as well as many other celebrities. The real kicker? The watchmaker’s museum in Biel/Bienne is timelessly FREE!

Take a Walk in the Park


Over a quarter of Geneva is covered by parks, so If you’re ever in town, take some time to explore them. Whether it’s the Parc de Bastions or Perle du Lac, you’ll have plenty of space to roam and people watch, taking in the activity and sense of community that the Swiss enjoy on weekends, all for zero dinero.

Take in a Spiritual Experience


From the Gothic grandeur of Notre Dame of Lausanne to the Baroque beauty of St Gallen’s, Switzerland is full of awe-inspiring cathedrals and monasteries that count as some of the most pristine in Europe, all of which are absolutely free to visit.

Drink from the Fountain of Freebies


Besides the great last minute flights to get you there, once you’re in Switzerland, you’ll find public drinking fountains anywhere in Swiss cities and town that give you blissfully crystal clear water straight from the Alps – for absolutely free! If you’re in Bern (AKA “The City of Fountains), you can drink from the bizarre baby-eating ogre fountain, the bare-footed bag-piper, or the one with Samson slaying a lion, to name just a few. Just bring your canteen and fill it up!

Do you have any free (or cheap) experiences in Switzerland that you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments.

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