For decades, Boulder has been a haven for hippie culture. If you’re in this city, being outdoorsy, liberal, and concerned about the environment is basically mandatory. Nestled in the foothills of the Front Range and easily accessible from Denver International Airport, munching on granola and embracing Boulder’s hippie side has never been easier. And we’re off!

Grab Some Locally Grown Produce at the Boulder Farmers’ Market

sunlover / Shutterstock

sunlover / Shutterstock

In true hippie fashion, Boulder boasts a legendary farmers’ market. This one often makes the list as one of the best in the nation! Produce lovers, rejoice.

The market is open from May through October on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and it’s an organic food lover’s paradise. The market has a firm “sell what you grow” policy, so you can rest easy knowing that those fruits, vegetables, and flowers you picked up are all locally grown. In fact, you’re probably buying directly from the farmer who grew them!

Located right next to Boulder Creek, the Boulder Farmers’ Market has been around since 1987. Nearly 30 years after its founding, the farmers’ market still upholds its original mission to support, promote and expand local agriculture. Righteous, man.

Head Back To School and Read Up

ChiccoDodiFC / Shutterstock

ChiccoDodiFC / Shutterstock

Want be an educated Boulder hippie? Head back to class! The University of Colorado at Boulder is a major part of the community in this city. The beautiful campus sits just above downtown on a spot known as The Hill. Alumni include Apple’s Steve Wozniak, Robert Redford, and the South Park creators. If you really want to get to know the campus, you can even join a tour with a gaggle of prospective students.

After touring the campus, exercise your hippie intellect at the Boulder Book Store. Located on Boulder’s main drag, Pearl Street, this is far removed from the average chain, big-box bookstore. The Boulder Book Store is one of the biggest independent bookstores in the country, with 20,000 square feet of space and more than 100,000 titles across three floors. Just try not to get lost. Founded in 1973, the bookstore occupies a building from 1899. It’s historical and literary, all at the same time!

Strap on Your Birkenstocks and Roam the Outdoors

Doptis / Shutterstock

Doptis / Shutterstock

Being a Boulder hippie is all about being outdoorsy, so get ready to hug some trees. Chautauqua Park is a classic outdoorsy excursion that’s conveniently located right in town, and it’s filled with a network of trails for various hiking skill levels. It’s also the gateway to Boulder’s red sandstone Flatirons, easily the city’s most recognized landmark. Awesome!

Eat Like a Hippy!

"Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse" by iris is licensed under CC 2.0.

Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse” by iris is licensed under CC 2.0.

Feeling hungry after all that time at the farmers’ market? Fear not! Boulder’s got some seriously unique dining options—and they’re all delicious.

Check out the Dushanbe Teahouse, an original teahouse from Tajikistan. We’re not kidding. The building was hand constructed in Boulder’s sister city of Dushanbe, Tajikistan—who knew Colorado had a sister city in Tajikistan, am I right?—and was shipped piece by piece to the Rocky Mountains as a gift. Its intricate construction provides one of the most beautiful spaces to have tea, eat lunch, and talk politics—what more could a hippy want? Even if you aren’t hungry, the teahouse is an architectural masterpiece and is worth a visit.

If you’re still hungry, head over to Black Cat Farm Table Bistro. Living up to its farm to table mantra, the menu is so fresh that is changes everyday. The chef actually grows all of the restaurant’s produce and raises Black Cat’s livestock. Food production doesn’t get any more hippy than that!

Boulder, Colorado is seriously a hippy paradise—and it’s full of surprises! What are your favorite spots in this left-wing city? Tell us in the comments!

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