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Get to the Mexican Coast from Mexico City, Flickr: jaimearvizu



Mexico City, the proud capital is landlocked almost in the middle of Mexico. If you go in either direction- east or west, you can find the warm coastline. After sightseeing this historic and delicious capital, why not get a taste of the Mexican beach life that is world renowned. Even though Cancun is one of our choices, there are other interesting beaches Mexico has to offer.

The authentic Mexican resort experience begins in Acapulco. With a perfect climate, a great location and easy accessibility, Acapulco can be your first choice out of Mexico City. The beaches are what made this city famous with something for everyone. There is the popular Playa Condesa, or the quiet and relaxing Revolcadero Beach. The closest beach to the city is Caleta Beach; located in the historic part of the city. With beaches for everyone and only four hours away, there’s no surprise why Acapulco is a popular destination for tourists and locals.

Veracruz: Head in the other direction towards the Gulf of Mexico to Veracruz, which is also four hours away. This major shipping port city has a tropical climate with lots of sandy beaches. This city offers low key and budget resorts, offering competition to the typical beach life in Cancun. This area is also a popular diving spot where you can spot reef formations along the coastline.

Playa Miramar in Tampico:
Also located on the Gulf side is Tampico, an Industrial city six hours away from Mexico City. The beachside is characterized by its fine golden sand beaches and many five-star hotels for tourists. Playa Miramar is a simple beach area that is not over crowded (with 10 miles of the coastline), over the top and is just right beach lovers. After sunset, dine in Tampico which is known for its seafood cuisine with dishes like fish tamales and Torta de camarón y jaiba- prepared with shrimp, crab and fresh herbs.

Tulum: Sometimes, you have to travel further for the extraordinary beach experience. Tulum has been attracting visitors for its jaw-dropping seclusion, preserved Mayan ruins and amazing vistas over the Caribbean. It’s a short two-hour flight from Mexico City into Cancun and then after you’ll take a two- hour bus ride to Tulum. The city is known for its beachside ruins that are too beautiful to describe and must be seen in person. Tulum has also been attracting yoga travelers who can find their Zen in what seems like paradise.

Cancun: You knew it had to be on the list- and for many reasons. The classic place to go outside of Mexico City that you’re most familiar with is Cancun. This tourist destination gets a bad rep for being a spring break haven, but there is more to the coastal city than all-you-can-drink nights. There is everything from relaxing, beach bumming, dolphin swim experiences, scuba diving and golf. This is such a versatile city to find accommodation from a beachside hotel to couples only all-inclusive resort. Whatever you’re looking for in Cancun, you’ll find it and love it.

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photo: jaimearvizu

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