Lufthansa introduces biofuel on planes


Lufthansa became the first airline Friday to use biofuels on commercial flights. The six month trial is a test to see how much C02 emissions the carrier can reduce during the period. 


The mixture of regular fuel and biofuel made from jatropha, camelina crops and animal fats will be used in one engine of an Airbus plane on daily flights between Frankfurt and Hamburg. 


The German airline said Friday the point of such a trial was to reduce emissions and to examine the effects of biofuel on engines.  Planning to fly that route in the next six months? Well do not expect a different flight experience, as the biofuel will cause no difference in-flight. 


Air France-KLM plan to use biofuel on commercial flights starting in September that will be a mixture made from used cooking oil.  However the use of biofuel is not all good news as the debate on whether airlines should be using crops that could be used to feed people instead of flying planes makes sense.


According to a Reuters report, "Lufthansa said the production of its biofuel was not in
direct competition with food production and no rainforests were


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