Do you ever look at your boarding pass and notice how some airport codes can be misleading?  For example, I remember flying to Orlando as a teenager and getting scared that I was headed to the wrong place.  I thought I should have been flying to ORL, but instead was headed to MCO.


As I later learned, MCO is the correct code for Orlando International Airport which was formally known as McCoy Air Force Base.  More recently, the code has earned the nickname MiCkey’s Orlando.


Considering today’s abbreviated vernacular with text talk and Twitter speak, it made me wonder, what type of funny texts could be on your plane ticket?


There are three airports in particular that are automatically Twitter-friendly. Those are Derby Field in the United States (LOL), Omega Airport in Africa (OMG), and Estevan Point in Canada (YEP).  The mountain views and landscapes of Alaska could have you tweeting, UMM-WOW.  And if you fly Alaska’s Summit Airport and Willow Airport, you’ll also get UMM and WOW printed on your boarding pass.


Some codes may even appear offensive at first glance.  For instance, don’t take it personally if you look at your boarding pass and it says FAT-MAN.  I bet you’re flying Fresno, California, to Manchester, England.  Though, it’s more likely you’d have a couple of connections in between.  And while Montezuma happens to be in Costa Rica, if you could fly direct from Brazil’s Poco De Caldas Airport to Sioux City, Iowa, your ticket would say POO-SUX.


It’s a common rule to not drink and text, but in case you do have a few too many while traveling; here are a few airport codes you could blame.  For instance, Alpine Texas is where you’ll fly into ALE.  And the German’s have the most sultry airport code in the World at Sembach where the code is SEX.  This next one is an impossible travel combination, but just for fun imagine you could fly from Sikasso in Africa, to Mare Airport in New Caledonia, for a ticket that said, KSS-MEE.


For the traveling foodies that want to be clever, here are a few tasty codes you might want to eat.  Starting with, Wenatchee Airport (EAT) in the United States.  There is also (PIE) at St. Petersburg-Clearwater International, (FIG) in Fria, Guinea, and (HAM) in Hamburg, Germany.  If you’re a fan of spicey burritos, you could plan a trip from Telluride, Colorado to Mexico City for a boarding pass that says TEX-MEX.


There certainly are a lot of ODD (Oodnadatta, Australia) airport codes, so where ever you fly, be sure to pack a sense of humor.

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