Fun Classes that are Worth a Trip to Italy

The Amalfi Coast!


Does anyone really need another excuse to book discount airfare and visit Italy? Even if you’ve visited the famous sights like the Venetian Canals and the Roman Ruins, maybe you’ve even explored the Amalfi Coast, but there’s always a reason to come back to Italy. Educational Tourism is booming in Italy, with opportunities to take short or long term classes in a place rich with history and ties to these creative classes. Learning in a place where scholars first practiced these fine arts and being able to live and study in Italy is not only worth the trip, but gives you total bragging rights.

Art Class: The history of Italian art is so profound; there is not one word to describe its importance in the Western World. From the Roman frescoes to the Murano glass and don’t forget the Italian masters, there are many art forms to appreciate in Italy. First, you must choose your favorite artistic outlet and choose a city for inspiration. Week long painting vacations in Umbria are popular because of the gorgeous landscapes, while you can put your hands into mosaic art in Venice.

Cooking Class: If you’re a fan of Italian cooking and you love the scent of fresh basil, you could eat bottomless pasta and pizza is practically your middle name- Why not learn with the best? Understanding the flavors and legendary recipes native to a city is going beyond just traveling Italy. You gain a greater love and appreciation for the place, because you can recreate a piece of it in your own home. Cooking classes can be as short as half a day or as long as a few weeks where you’ll live in a traditional villa. Just do us a favor and save us some tasty leftovers!

Gelato Class:
If you didn’t know already, gelato is probably the best sweet treat to come out of Italy and shared all around the world. Gelato is not translated to ice cream, because it has less fat, air and served at a higher temperature. It’s unique in its taste, texture and flavor. If you learn how to make gelato, you’ll clearly understand this distinction and master the art of gelato making. And the best part about this class, you get to eat and enjoy your end result!

Italian Lessons: If you’re so fascinated and in love with Italy that you’re compelled to learn the language, you’re not alone. Italian is a popular language to master, because of its similarity to Spanish and the availability of classes in Italy. The Italians are proud of their native tongue and what better place to learn than in Italy? Practice makes perfect when you can practice your skills with locals, either in a big city or a small town where you’ll really soak up the language. Italian classes are all over the country, whether you love the capital city of Rome, or would love to stay in the outskirts of Calabria.

Wine Class: You’ve made a nice Italian dinner, you can speak a few words to your significant other, dessert is a fresh fruit gelato- now what is missing? Of course, pairing the meal with a nice glass of wine! While you may be able to take an Italian wine course anywhere in the world, especially in big cities like New York, the true Italian wine experience begins in Italy. Wine is so precious and appreciated in Italy and in this remarkable process, you get a tasty result like no other. Every region has its own distinct taste due to the different climates in Italy. Choose a class based on your favorite- like the Northeast for simple white Pinot Grigios or robust reds from the volcanic soil of Sicily.

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