Tennessee airports receive full-body scanners


Nashville International Airport is the latest airport to receive new full-body scanners courtesy of the federal Transportation Security Administration.


The pricey and controversial devices will also be unveiled Friday at Memphis International Airport. 


The full-body scanners can detect metallic and nonmetallic items that might be concealed under passenger's clothing, improving traveler safety. 


Passengers that do not feel comfortable going through the machines can opt out and get a full-body patdown from a TSA agent. 


According to an Associated Press report, the TSA has installed 204 scanners at 52 airports throughout the United States, with plans to have 405 in use by the end of 2010. 



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  1. dufeemom

    As a registered nurse I have been taught to limit the cumulative effect of radiation through x-rays. When one of my patients has a scan I wear a heavy leaded apron to protect myself. I certainly don’t plan to knowingly expose my body to something harmful just to salve the public’s illusion of safety. I plan to demand a physical search in a private space and will certainly make sure that search consumes as much time as possible. If everyone does this, airlines will change policy in order to stay in business.


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