Full-body scanner coming to many major airports



Passengers arriving for a flight out of Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport should get ready for a new security procedure – full-body scanners have arrived in the "City of Light."


Like most other international hubs, Paris decided to install the controversial machines in light of the Christmas Day terrorist attempt aboard a Detroit bound flight arriving from Amsterdam. 


The scanners are equipped to check for any objects hidden underneath clothing, however the machines are not perfect and still will not be able to pick up certain chemicals yet.


The debate over the use of full-body scanners is a hot topic among travelers with one side saying it will make flying safer while others fear the machines expose passengers to radiation.


Inventors of the pricey machines (roughly $40,000 each) state that they are not harmful to customers and there is no need to worry.


What do you think of full-body scanners arriving at your local airport? Will you use them or opt out for a full pat-down by a TSA agent? 


Source and image: Associated Press


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