You pretty much don’t have to speak with a human to check in for your Frontier Airlines flights these days and the airline is increasing that probability by rolling out a bunch of new kiosks.


An additional 14 airports — in Omaha, Orlando, New York, Grand Rapids, Philadelphia, Dayton, Colorado Springs, St. Louis, Atlanta, Albuquerque, Austin, Newark, Nashville and Seattle — were slated to get the new machines.


The kiosks are the NCR TouchPort 70 model and 75 of them were part of the latest kiosk rollout.The airline says that almost 70% of its passenger check-ins today take place at a kiosk or online.


The NCR TouchPort 70s include a touchscreen, printer and other peripherals and they can be configured in various ways, depending on the airport.


If you haven’t already checked-in online, you can use these kiosks to check-in at the airport and print your boarding passes. You can also make or confirm your seat selections there, as well.


Of course, in this era of airlines, including Frontier, charging bag fees, you can pay for your luggage in the kiosks, too.


The kiosks enable Frontier to trim its labor costs and, in theory, at least, could streamline the process and reduce waiting times for passengers, as well.


The latest rollout of the kiosks began in Omaha at the end of March and is slated to be completed by September 2011.

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