Lie on Sigmund Freud's sofa at the Freud Museum in London


If you’ve been having weird dreams lately, then channel the spirit
of Sigmund Freud, father of dream analysis and psychoanalytical theory, by visiting
his home in London, which celebrates its 25th year as a museum this


His daughter, Anna Freud, converted their family home, where
Freud practiced and spent the last year of his life, into a Museum in 1986 which
receives about 20,000 curious visitors a year.


On display are things like Freud’s odd trinket collection, his clothes and
his wedding ring. Visitors who are in need of some therapy can even lie on the famed
sofa he used to psychoanalyze patients.


Along with insights into Freud’s life, like a documentary
film and a BBC interview, there is a contemporary art exhibition auctioning pieces
to raise money for the rejuvenation and preservation of the Museum.


British artists such as Susan Hiller, Antony Gormley and Maggi
Hambling are auctioning their art at the museum.


Source: Reuters

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    For more on the Freud Museum, Freud, Anna Freud, and K.R. Eissler, go to FreudPsa e*Archive on THE APP on javari; view the Freud biolgraphical film; hear Freud’s BBC interview there too


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