London tops other big cities as best tourism experience


French officials believe the city of London offers a better overall tourism experience for travelers than Paris. Yes you read that correctly, the French are admitting that the city of light might not be all its cracked up to be when compared to other top European destinations. 


According to results of a survey carried out by the Paris-Ile de France Regional Tourism Committee (CRT) entitled "Twenty Four Hours in a Tourist Capital" –  London came in first ahead of other popular European cities, including Paris, Rome, and Berlin.


London scored 82 percent for its welcome to foreign travelers, followed by Paris and Amsterdam who tied for second with 79 percent. This news comes just as London was named the "World's Leading Destination" at the 2010 World Travel Awards. London beat out New York, Sydney and Paris. 


Source: Mail Online


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  1. Susan Long

    Having just a day ago returned from a trip to France, including a week in Paris, I have to say that almost anyplace would be better than Paris. The smell of sewer gas wafted up in many places, including through the plumbing in my $150 +/- hotel room, where I had to move sideways between the end of the bed and the wall to get to the bathroom, and sit on the bed to write or read at the flimsy bamboo night table. No room for a chair. Glad to say once I caught on to the smell, I blocked the shower drain with the handy rubber sink stopper pad I had brought along to do illegal laundry, and that took care of the problem. In the room, at least. Many times I caught the smell wafting up from the street grates, too. The city is in a state of decline, and the French language is hardly anywhere to be heard.


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