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French Actor Gerard Depardieu Urinates on Air France Flight (CC Flickr photo credit: nicogenin)
Depardieu escorted off flight from Paris to London for Urinating 
Just five days after a young man on the U.S. Ski team reportedly urinated on a 12-year-old girl during a NYC flight, French actor Gerard Depardieu was involved in a similar incident on Air France.
Depardieu is one of France’s most celebrated actors, appearing in over 150 films, one of which he was nominated for an Academy Award.
Daniele, a witness whose real name has been kept secret for privacy issues, said that the actor seemed intoxicated when he broadcasted “’I need to piss, I need to piss.”
The female passenger claimed that after the cabin crew instructed him to stay in his seat upon taking off, “he stood up and did it (urinated) on the ground.”
The crew immediately scrambled to escort Depardieu off the plane along with two traveling companions – Which only proves: “When you gotta’ go, you gotta’ go.”
Source: MSNBC

CC Flickr photo credit: nicogenin

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