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Frankfurt Dining for All Budgets, Flickr: thisiswoly

View From Main Tower!


Frankfurt is nicknamed the city of contrasts, simply because of its composition. You’ve got wealthy businessmen working in Frankfurt’s financial district, lots of students and Internationals blended into the mix. Due to this hybrid, you can imagine there are a variety of things to do. When it comes to dining; everything from meals under five euros to priceless dining experiences is what you’ll easily find in Frankfurt.

Budget: Best Worscht in Town
When you’re allowed to say you have the best worscht in town, you’ve got a high standard to live up to. The easiest meal to get on the go, on a budget and at any time is German fast food. People come from all corners of the world looking forward to savoring authentic German sausage. Grab an order of worscht with fries and choose your spiciness level ranging from A to F, the latter being the spiciest. If you devour the spiciest worscht, you’ll enter their “Hall of Pain.”- We can only imagine how spicy that must be.

Budget: Bull & Bear
Who doesn’t love a place that is always cozy, reliable and fun to come back to? Bull & Bear is a place so nice, you have to visit twice. The name of the restaurant comes from Börsenplatz, where the restaurant is located. There are two bronze statues of a bull and a bear that symbolize the ups and downs of the stock market. Come for an early dinner to enjoy a superb happy hour with a long list of cocktails and a great selection of local beers. The dinner menu is extremely International, ranging from Italian pizza to burgers and even a Thai curry. Located by the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, you can sit on the terrace for hours enjoying people watching. Come back at night during the weekends and witness the place turn into a dance lounge with a variety of International music.

Budget- Mid-Range: Cafe & Bar Celona
Continue your journey around the world in Frankfurt by sharing tapas at Cafe & Bar Celona. This place is actually a chain all over Germany, but without that TGI Friday’s vibe. It’s most comparable because the food here is affordable and attracts lots of youth and families. But the food is of high quality with plenty of Spanish tapas to choose from. Enjoy the familiar patatas bravas, pan fried shrimp and even German schnitzel. We love the kid-friendly and vegetarian choices, making this your best bet for everyone. Note: Try the Bananenweizen- a banana beer that sounds strange, but is delicious.

Mid-Range: Im Herzen Afrikas
Who knew you could find a small African oasis in the middle of Frankfurt? Drawing on its International influence once again, Im Herzen Afrikas, is a unique experience that makes you feel miles away from Frankfurt. This cozy place serves classic African dishes in a tranquil environment; with dimmed lights, intoxicating aromas and even sand under your feet. Complete the African experience by being traditional and eating with your hands, or traditional bread- Injery, which replaces the fork and knife.

Splurge: Main Tower Restaurant & Bar
Dining with a view is worth any price, especially when you’re catching a glimpse of Frankfurt as day turns into night. The Main Tower restaurant is located inside of the Main Tower where you can ascend to the top for panoramic views of this busy city. Go at sunset to get phenomenal photographs and head to the 53rd floor to drink and dine. As Frankfurt unwinds and the city lights begin to sparkle, you’ll begin to understand why it’s nicknamed “Mainhattan.” This exclusive and modern restaurant serves a seasonal set menu starting at 74 Euros. You can also enjoy the small lounge area, as long as you spend a minimum of 25 euros.

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photo: thisiswoly

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