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We’ve all been there. After a wild night out, sometimes the only thing on your mind after leaving the bar is where to find something to fill you up and wash away the taste of whatever it is you’ve been drinking for the past three hours. Don’t worry; you don’t have to settle for cheese doodles and a Gatorade from the nearest corner bodega. Here are four places open late that serve up excellent food any time of day or night.

Ray’s Pizza
Lower East Side
195 E Houston Street

You’re in New York. Of course, the first and easiest choice is usually pizza. If you’re out in the East Village or Lower East Side, where many nightlife lovers frequent, Ray’s Pizza is a cheap, affordable and delicious way to top off your night and send you off feeling right. From the traditional cheese slice to something a little more exciting like barbecue chicken, Hawaiian or Taco Pizza, there’s something here for everyone. Slices range from about $2.00 to $5.00.


119 7th Avenue


Sex & the City fans will recognize this restaurant immediately as the setting of the fab four’s weekly brunches. Whether you’ve seen the show or not, the food is delicious, the wait staff is beautiful and the atmosphere is both calm and classy. It’s surprising that they’re open 24 hours, given the quality of their fare and their popularity during regular business hours. If you’re tired from a night out but still looking for a nice, filling, dining experience, the Cafeteria is perfect. Self described as “serving exceptional American comfort food with a contemporary twist,” their overnight menu is priced moderately with items ranging from $3.00 to $24.00.


17 Mott Street
A hidden gem literally tucked away under Chinatown on a very unassuming street, you may think you’ve come to the wrong place if you’re arriving in the late night or early morning hours. But looks can be deceiving. WoHop is quite famous and their interior hasn’t changed much since opening in 1938. Serving up all your Chinese food favorites, WoHop’s walls are plastered with thousands of famous (and not so famous) people who have been so inclined to leave their photographic mark behind after enjoying the delicious food here. The fluorescent lights are a bit abrasive, but worth braving if you’re serious about enjoying your late night meal.


189 Bedford Avenue
If you spent your wild night out in the Williamsburg or Greenpoint neighborhoods of Brooklyn, where more and more young travelers have been visiting, the BagelSmith is your standard New York City bagel shop and deli and is open 24 hours. Its location is perfect if you’re heading back into Manhattan or deeper into Brooklyn, as it is just around the corner from the Bedford L train stop on North 7 Street. They’ve got everything you’d find at a deli and more. The menu is very affordable, with bagels starting at a dollar and more complex sandwiches priced at about $8.00. There isn’t too much seating, just about four spots near the window, but grab your sandwich to go and take in the sights and crowds or find a nearby bench to enjoy your last meal of the day.

Hope these help to make your morning after a night out in NYC a little more bearable!


Photo: pasa47


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