When you’re in Boston, it’s tempting to spend all your time focused on what the town is known for: seafood. Do that, however, and you’ll miss several hidden gems that are scattered from the off-ramp before Logan Airport to the bridge in the Public Gardens. This is particularly true of pizza.


When you think about pizza, it’s probably New York that comes to mind, rather than Boston. There’s good reason for this, of course, but Boston has some incredible pizza joints, and you need to stop at one of them, at least, on your next trip over there.


Let’s take a look at the top four pizza joints that travelers arriving on flights to Boston MUST try:


1. Santarpio’s: This is, without a doubt, the best pizza you’ll find in Boston. I’d even say comfortably that it’s the best I’ve ever had. The secret is in the sauce – literally. In addition to the cheese on top of the pizza, they mix cheese into the sauce, too. If you’re feeling bold, go into the kitchen. It’s not taboo … in fact, you have to go there for take-out orders. The side door to this modified house is where you poke your head in to place your order. When it’s ready, someone from the kitchen pokes a head out. You run inside, pay and grab your pie.


2. Half-Time: This is my favorite pizza place on Causeway (or near it, for that matter). Half-Time offers enormous slices, and they’re right across the street from the Garden, so you can grab a bite and a beer before running over to see who the Bruins will demolish next. I don’t know if Half-Time still does this, but when I lived and worked in Boston a dozen years ago, you could get slices for breakfast! It was perfect for commuters getting off the train at North Station and walking over to the Green or Orange lines on the T.


3. Haymarket Pizza: This establishment is a little hard to find, but your reward for hunting around is the biggest and cheapest slice in the city … and it’s also good! Click here to see Haymarket Pizza on the map. On farmers’ market days, you’ll have to fight through the crowds, but you’ll see plenty of people eating these gargantuan slices of pizza on paper plates. They’ll help get you to the right spot!


4. Papa Gino’s: Okay, if you really want to go native, Papa Gino’s is a must. It really is the consummate local suburban chain. Now, the closest one to downtown Boston (or the Back Bay, for that matter, is in Charlestown). Go. Check it out. You won’t be blown away, but that’s not the reason to go. For Boston ex-pats, it really is like sinking your teeth into a mediocre childhood.


Image and Video Courtesy of Tom Johansmeyer (Author)

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  1. Tom

    @Rich, I could not agree more! Not just the sausage on the grill, the lamb is worth a taste, too.


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