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Four Chocolate Stores to Visit in Montreal, Flickr: bokchoi-snowpea

When I was in Montreal, I was told that the citizens definitely have a sweet tooth, and that there were so many chocolate stores worth exploring in Montreal. I found Montreal to be a thoroughly foodie city, with some chocolate boutiques not to be missed. Here are a few gems I found.

Suite 88

A dreamy Apple-like store in all white, Suite 88 is like a chocolate lover’s dream come true, and an intimate space with luxurious chocolate finds including gelato. Located in Plateau Mont-Royal on Saint-Denis Street, Suite 88 offers everything for the chocolate gourmand from brownies, domes, mosaiques, pearls, festive chocolates for pairings, and the classic chocolate bar or bark. There are also delicious oddities including waffles and handmade gelato.

Juliette & Chocolat

Sourced from cocoa beans from around the world, including the Guanaja (in photo) from South America, Manjari from Madagascar and the Jivara from Ecuador, Juliette’s chocolates offers bean to bar options that come in the classic and modern varieties. The store prides itself on offering chocolate in all stages and forms, from pralines to crepes. This is a place to visit if you want everything—from soup to nuts— on chocolate.

Chocola Bake Shop

Located in Monkland, Montreal, this bakeshop is really known for its cupcakes, which consumers love. They have foods that cater to those with specific dietary restrictions, including diabetic-friendly cookies and gluten free options.

Petite Marie Chocolatier du Village

Located in Sainte Catherine East, this small boutique has been open since 2010 and is one of the newcomers to the Montreal chocolate scene. Master chocolatier and celebrity chef, Didier Girol, set up shop and is offering sweet creations including cookies.

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photo: bokchoi-snowpe

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